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Sun Cream - SPF 30

Sun Cream - SPF 30

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This Sun Cream with SPF 30 includes collagen- and elastin-boosting snail extract, making it perfect for protecting your skin from sun damage while improving its overall youthfulness. Enjoy the confidence of knowing you're receiving full protection from harmful UV rays, without having to worry about clogging your pores.

The presence of Snail extract in this product makes this product safe for sensitive skin. Snail extract is a unique component, with a very wide range of skin benefits including anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it moisturizes and deeply hydrates skin, has a natural SPF factor and helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots, regenerates, repairs and rejuvenates skin. Working together with Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C in this formula it promotes optimal protection against harmful UV rays. 

To keep our skin healthy and happy requires effort and commitment. First and the main part of healthy skin is diet: no processed food or alcohol, eliminate or reduce sugar and sodium intake; exercising: any activities in the fresh air would do a lot of good for your body and mind and of course for your skin; together with your lifestyle: getting enough sleep and managing your stress level. Although the cosmetic industry does not play the main part in the healthy and beautiful skin scenario, it still maintains a huge role in it.  With the right skin products, we can help to delay signs of ageing and age gracefully as any age is a blessing for us and we should embrace and truly enjoy it!

 A few tips on how to use SPF. Use it as a last step in your daily skin routine – right after your favourite day cream. Please, remember – SPF is NOT a moisturizer and its job is not to moisturize or hydrate your skin, its purpose is to protect your skin against harmful UV rays! That is why when you apply SPF, all you need is a pea-sized amount of the product. Unlike with the cream, you are using to hydrate your skin! Otherwise, your skin will feel greasy and you will have a feeling of “blocked pores” after the product. Spread this amount evenly on the face, neck and décolleté and tap It into the skin. Blot your skin to finish the application and you are ready for your day! If it is hot sunny weather outside, we would advise reapplying SPF one more time throughout the day. You can apply it on top of your foundation – after all, its main purpose is – to protect your skin from UV rays.

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